We are passionate about the environment and believe that beauty should always be green and cruelty-free. Our team have taken extra measures to ensure THE GRUFF STUFF products are ethical and sustainable at heart.

"We believe beauty should not be harmful to the environment"
- David Sparkes, Co-Founder

Responsible sourcing

We use only a short list of carefully selected ingredients that have proven results. 
You will find no nasties or unnecessary fillers in our formulations.

THE GRUFF STUFF products are 98% natural and with organic ingredients. In addition we limit the use of added water; instead we use organic aloe juice as part of the product base.

Recyclable packaging

Our packaging is made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, which is made from consumer waste, and is fully recyclable again. PCR plastic not only reduces the amount of waste produced and collected, but also helps to decrease the waste in landfills and water sources along with reducing carbon footprint.

In addition, using recycled plastic helps to reduce our transport weights, which in turn makes shipping more environmentally friendly. The method of direct print helps to reduce our production waste even further.

Sustainable business

We are a carbon-free business. We invest into offsetting our greenhouse gas emissions and we also support internationally recognised climate protection programmes and charities.

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